American Standard Champion 4 Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Everybody has different preferences in how they want to live and what they like and don’t like about their homes. This is also true when it comes choosing a toilet.

Look no further if you are looking for the most efficient toilet and other features to improve your comfort, hygiene, and water savings.

This American Standard Champion 4 review will help you make an informed decision based on your needs. It also covers all features that are available. It is made from vitreous china, and stands tall at 41cm.

Champion 4: General Features

1. 1.

The American Standard Champion 4 single piece is made of EverClean Surface. It has a shiny finish which gives it a clean and elegant look. Right Height toilets have an elongated form that gives them a modern look while still keeping a touch of the old school feel.

2. Water Efficiency

The American Standard Champion 4’s flushing power of 7 Litres per flush makes it very water efficient. It also uses the force to make sure that the experience is smooth and enjoyable. You can be assured that this toilet is WaterSense certified.

3. Flushing

American Standard Champion 4’s flushing valve has a 10 cm accelerator piston. This means that flushing is strong and efficient. This flushing system is unique because it makes very little noise and leaves no marks. The trapway is much larger than standard toilets, so clogging will be an issue of the past.

4. 4.

Combining the EverClean Surface with the powerful flushing system, every flush will leave the toilet clean and free from stains or discoloration. The American Standard Champion 4 flushes for years without any risk of mildew or bacteria buildup.

5. Installation

One-piece toilets weigh more than two-piece ones. This means it will take two men to install the American Standard Champion 4. It is also extremely simple to install, as it is one-piece.

6. 6.

Because it doesn’t have separate parts, and because it is only one piece, the American Standard Champion 4 costs a very affordable price. It is definitely worth the price, with all its unique features.

7. 7.

The American Standard Champion 4 is available in many colors including white, linen, and bone. You won’t hear any slamming sounds when you get up to go with the slow-closing seat. The flush handle is also unique to this toilet. This handle is reminiscent of toilets from the past, and not the modern buttons found in most toilets. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

American Standard Left Lot de 4 réservoirs de toilette en plastique pour champion, 738995-0020A
  • Main gauche intelligente.
  • Plastique intelligent.
  • Pour une utilisation avec le réservoir de toilette Champion 4 4266 American...
  • Finition chrome poli.
American Standard 4225A104.021 Champion PRO Réservoir de toilette 1,28 gallon par chasse d'eau en os
  • WC haute efficacité (HET) fonctionnant à un taux de consommation très faible...
  • Répond aux critères de détection de l'eau EPA.
  • Surface Ever Clean incluse.
  • 30,5 cm.
  • Accélérateur de chasse à piston 4"
American Standard Champion Pro 211BA004.020 Cuvette de toilette avant ronde Hauteur droite 6 l Blanc
  • Système de chasse d'eau Champion.
  • Porcelaine vitreuse.
  • Faible consommation (1. 6 GPF / 6 0 Lpf) WC
  • Réservoir exclusif.
  • Nettoyant puissant pour nettoyer les bords à chaque chasse d'eau.

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